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10 Feb 2016

Holding Space for Yourself

I was in Camel pose, standing on my knees, heart lifted and head dropped back.  I started to focus on my alignment, from my toes and working my way up. There was a gentle release and opening as I surrendered to the discomfort of the pose. Deepening with my breath, I felt a warm fuzzy... (more)

25 Jan 2016

Are You Spilling Your Guts?

In most of my public yoga classes I am working with the students on integrating their core line muscles to produce a strong plank and vinyasa flow. I see yoga practitioners coming onto their mat and moving their body in various positions and poses. Core engagement is crucial to creating a safe space to practice... (more)

19 Jan 2016

I will take this Peace with me…


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At the end of my Yoga classes at the juvenile detention centers I say, “I will take this peace with me out of this room for you, out into the world.” This is a statement that I hold close to my heart and take very seriously. It has become ingrained within my daily practice of... (more)