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15 Feb 2016

Practicing Mindfulness


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Have you ever locked your keys in the car? Tripped while walking? Made a comment that you wish you could take back? Lost your phone? In a conversation but no idea what was said? These are most times the results of the practice of mindlessness. When our thoughts and attentions are scattered in multiple directions.... (more)

10 Feb 2016

Holding Space for Yourself

I was in Camel pose, standing on my knees, heart lifted and head dropped back.  I started to focus on my alignment, from my toes and working my way up. There was a gentle release and opening as I surrendered to the discomfort of the pose. Deepening with my breath, I felt a warm fuzzy... (more)

25 Jan 2016

Are You Spilling Your Guts?

In most of my public yoga classes I am working with the students on integrating their core line muscles to produce a strong plank and vinyasa flow. I see yoga practitioners coming onto their mat and moving their body in various positions and poses. Core engagement is crucial to creating a safe space to practice... (more)

19 Jan 2016

I will take this Peace with me…


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At the end of my Yoga classes at the juvenile detention centers I say, “I will take this peace with me out of this room for you, out into the world.” This is a statement that I hold close to my heart and take very seriously. It has become ingrained within my daily practice of... (more)