What is POSH?

P.O.S.H is an acronym for The Principles of Strength and Healing.  The class is structured within a Hatha yoga sequence, designed to build strength, flexibility and tone the body.  The healing is initiated by aligning focused intent, with safe movement principles, and the breath, creating the union (yoga). The musical playlists are also carefully created with an emphasis on the facilitation of the healing process.

POSH is an experience.
On a broader scale POSH is a lifestyle.  We live our lives based on principles and values, compassion for self and others, principles of healthy living, care of the body, and mind.  Without principles we lack integrity.
POSH is you, POSH is me, POSH is everything that WE aspire to be.

Charlene A. Sams

Charlene A. Sams, a 500 hr graduate of yoga teacher training from Empowered Yoga, Reiki Master, former vocalist, and Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, combines natural talents with the understanding of movement principles to give the student the best and safest experience to be achieved on the mat, starting from where they are.  With calm, peaceful tones, she inspires the practitioner to completely engage in every aspect of their experience.  Leaving no pose unexplored, the discoveries are lessons learned on the mat.

Charlene has had intensive training with James Fox, founder of The Prison Yoga Project, B.K. Bose founder of The Niroga Institute, and Johnny Gillespie, founder of Empowered Yoga.  She is involved with the work of the non-profit organization, Empowered Community, whose mission is to bring yoga and mindfulness programs to the undeserved populations.  Through her work with Empowered Community, The State of Delaware implemented yoga as part of core programming at five juvenile detention centers in Newcastle County.

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