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Amina Naru


Welcome home to spiritual practices and modalities that will keep you grounded, centered, and more joyful. Amina Naru shares tips, techniques, and a simple way of living for people who have experienced and living with trauma. Be Inspired with Amina Naru Spiritual Wellness!

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My Services

Tarot Session: 

Book this session to discover messages and truths to support you on your wellness journey. Illuminate the wisdom from your experiences and use it to enhance your overall well being. (45min)


Spiritual Wellness Mentoring: 

This is a one on one coaching session with Amina to explore the areas in your life that are in need of restoration, inspiration, or healing. Be encouraged and learn how to take back your power! (45min)


Mindfulness Session: 

Learn the basics of creating your own mindfulness practice. Amina will guide you through meditations specifically for your lifestyle and healing journey. (45min)


The Package Session: 

This session will include tarot divination, mindfulness practices, and spiritual wellness mentoring to jumpstart or reboot your wellness journey. (90min)


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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(302) 635 - 9642

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