I will take this Peace with me…


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At the end of my Yoga classes at the juvenile detention centers I say, “I will take this peace with me out of this room charlene a samsfor you, out into the world.” This is a statement that I hold close to my heart and take very seriously. It has become ingrained within my daily practice of living Yoga.

A bit frustrated that the line for the carwash was wrapped around the property, and my white vehicle was extremely dirty. The nail salon was full of waiting clients, and my fingers and toes were a month overdue and showing it. I accepted that none of that would get done and decided to just go home.

There was a car in front of me driving very slow. I noticed the driver was talking on her cell phone. I tooted my horn, then proceeded to go around the car. About three intersections later I realized the car was on my tail and following me. I made a right turn onto my street, the car also turned right. I made a u-turn into my parking lot, the car also made a u-turn. I began to think, what the heck is she doing? I parked on the side of the street, and the car pulled up alongside me. I was about to get out to go inside, then I saw the passenger window go down. I stayed in my vehicle and rolled my window down.  The driver said, “I am sorry if I was driving to slow for you, but I just got a call that my father died.” I immediately empathized with the young lady. I replied, ” I am sorry to hear that, but maybe you should have pulled over to take the call.” She then drove off and screamed, “FUCK YOU!”, from her window.

I sat there for a few minutes sending her love and comfort. I began to wonder if indeed that was the nature of her call or if she was just saying that. I began to wonder why she followed me so aggressively to tell me that. I replayed the situation over and over again, wondering if there was anything different I could have done, and what would have been the outcome if I was not a practitioner of Yoga. If I did not live the statement I say at the end of class to my juvenile detention students. Maybe I would have jumped out of my car and reciprocated her anger, hurt and rage. Maybe the situation would have escalated from harsh words to actual physical altercation. Maybe I would have jumped back in my car and followed her to get in the last word.

Any or all of these things could have happened. My daily intentions to share the peace of my practice saved me. It did not matter if her father had actually passed away or not. For some reason, our paths crossed, and it might have been set up that way for her to receive a little of the peace and love that I have committed to sharing with the world. Not just for myself, but for my students.

Young lady, whoever you are, wherever you are, I thank you for giving me another opportunity to live and share my practice.

Namaste- char

— Posted on January 19, 2016 at 2:18 am